AdactXP 2001
  Thursday, May 17th
Friday, May 18th
    Space Needle
    Experience Music Project
    End of Day
Saturday, May 19th
    Lunch @ Red Robin
    On our way to MS
    Buildings and Signs
    Flags and Countdown
    Quest for the Fountain
    Chiller Plant
    Dinner @ Denny's
Sunday, May 20th
    Sunday Views
Monday, May 21st
    MS Games
    Museum and Store
    Daniel Leaving
    Misc Fairfield
    Music and Pigs
    Astyrrian/Justin Harrison
    Daniel Martini
    Andy Domaracki
    Corey Gouker
    TReKiE/Jonathan Kay
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Astyrrian/Justin Harrison
  Age:  16
Location: Danbury, Connecticut, United States
Experience: Software and Hardware Testing, Perl, Technical Support, and Windows Troubleshooting
Currently: MSN Gaming Zone Member Plus, Web Developer,, Mailing List Administrator, and Microsoft Associate Expert

Daniel Martini
  Age:  30
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Experience: Sales, Technical, Purchasing, and Accounting, Software & Hardware testing
Past PCs: 1981 first PC built - Microbee 32K Z80 4Mhz CPU, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga 1000, Olivetti M24, others custom built by self - from 486DX2/66 in 1994 until P4 1.3Ghz in 2001 and Intel "white box" multi processor servers
Currently: MCSE+I, Systems & Network Administrator, IT Consultant and Microsoft Associate Expert

Andy Domaracki
  Age:  27
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Likes: Nelly Furtado, Julia Stiles, Angelina Jolie, R&B and Rap / Hip Hop Tunes. Also having having a great time with my best friends and "The Planet" night club! and.... WindowsXP!
Fears: Aliens, C++ Programmers and Sock Puppets
Dislikes: Apple Mac PC's (Computers for mommies and daddies) and people who make sock puppets.
Experience: Cybertrends Computers (1996-1999), Helpdesk Officer TAFESA (1997-1998), PC Support Officer TAFESA (1998-1999)
Currently: Senior IT Support Officer [Microsoft Technologies Expert, Antivirus Administrator, All round nice guy] (TAFESA) and Microsoft Associate Expert

Corey Gouker
  Age:  18
Location: Palm Springs, California, United States
Experience: (1999-), "built a lot of websites that I can't keep track of", and hacked Office Online (and got thanked for it)
Currently: Server Administrator, Life Support for a dozen people, and Microsoft Associate Expert
More info:

TReKiE/Jonathan Kay
  Age:  20
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Experience: (1997-1999), (1999-2000), Microsoft MVP (1997-1999, 2002-)
Currently: Web developer (ADACT, TReXioN), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Associate Expert
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